Securely store, transfer and stake your PIVX.
MyPIVXWallet is an open-source, non-custodial and private web wallet for PIVX.
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Private Transactions
Secure and fast.
Send, receive and store your PIVX in a secure and convenient web wallet. Protect your financial information with PIVX's innovative SHIELD privacy feature.
Decentralized Governance
Vote on the go.
View and vote on DAO proposals from your mobile device. Actively participate in the decentralized democracy of the PIVX DAO, wherever you are.
account activity
Realtime updates.
Easily track your PIVX transactions. Every send, receive and staking transaction is logged in a detailed activity section, offering you complete transparency and control over your assets.
secure staking
Earn rewards.
Earn rewards securely, even on a mobile device. Stake, unstake and see all your history at a glance.
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